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Liquid Life THC Gummy New Year Special

Spring Gummy Special

Spring 4 Pack $15 (reg $20).

Spring 8 Pack $25 (reg $35).

And for a limited time, when you donate $149 or more, you get free shipping plus a free 4 Pack of Gummies!

Try our new THC Gummies in assorted flavors. Each gummy contains 25 mg of THC distillate and they're yummy! Available in a 4 Pack (100 mg THC) and an 8 Pack (200 mg THC).

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It's not speculation, it's science... Full-spectrum CBD oils are vastly superior to CBD isolates.

Liquid Life Cannabis tinctures are whole-plant, full-spectrum formulas. Our products are not isolated extracts, AKA isolates. This difference – between full-spectrum Cannabis oil and isolates – is critically important, because full-spectrum mixtures are vastly superior to single-compound isolates. In fact, isolates have a very narrow treatment window and when this window is exceeded, isolates demonstrate diminishing medicinal utility and detrimental health effects. In contrast, as full-spectrum dosing increases, therapeutic value improves, because the broad array of compounds in whole-plant Cannabis blends work synergistically. The result is better health outcomes with full-spectrum formulas. This consequential difference was validated by a 2015 study in Pharmacology & Pharmacy:
Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol.

You can find an explanation of this research here:
CBD Whole-Plant Therapies are Superior to CBD Isolates.

Liquid Life originally discussed the superior therapeutic value of our full-spectrum mixtures in the following doc:
Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil is Superior to an Isolated Extract.

Liquid Life then expanded this argument and included Cannabis tincture dosing strategies:
CBD Oil: Dosage Explained.

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Liquid Life Cannabis Tinctures are Pet-Friendly!

Ask your Veterinarian about using our non-psychoactive Cannabis tinctures to treat your favorite non-humans. If you're wondering about dosage, see CBD Oil: Dosage Explained.

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Liquid Life FSO Plus THC Oil, RSO AKA Phoenix Tears

FSO Plus! 1 ml for a Donation of $45 (reg $55).

Full-Spectrum Oil Plus (FSO Plus) is our version of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO aka Phoenix Tears). For a limited time, save $10 on each 1 ml syringe.

And, get Free Shipping when you donate $149 or more.

Visit our Gifts page for more legal Cannabis items you can't afford to miss!

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Our Bodies are Built for Cannabinoids!

Your Endocannabinoid System regulates functions that control sleep, appetite, mood, inflammation, pain, immune response and other protective processes. However, daily challenges can stress this system and compromise your health. Fortunately, CBD, THC and other Cannabis Cannabinoids can help restore balance to your Endocannabinoid System. So, consider adding our full-spectrum Cannabis tinctures and balms to your wellness routine. Your body and brain will thank you.

Learn more about the advantages of Liquid Life full-spectrum CBD oil.


  • Liquid Life Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil: Extra THCa, CBDa & CBNa
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  • Liquid Gold Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil: Extra CBDa
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  • Liquid Love Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil: 1:1 Ratio of THCa & CBDa
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    $45.00 each
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  • THC Gummies: 4 or 8 Pack
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  • CBD Dog Treats: Cheese or Liver, 20 Biscuits
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  • Life Bomb! Get 2 or more & save $5 ea
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  • Body Budder Full-Spectrum Cannabis Balm, 25 ml
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  • FSO Plus! 1 ml for a donation of $45 (reg $55).
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  • Lord of Loud Grinder
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  • Lord of Loud Rolling Papers
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What Our Cannabis Oils can do for You

All 3 of our Cannabis oils can help balance and maintain your Endocannabinoid System. Associated receptors are found in many tissues which control numerous biological functions and now it's well known that Cannabis can directly influence these receptors. Researchers confirm that the broad array of phytochemicals found in Cannabis can produce tangible healing results!

Consider the following tincture descriptions, so you can tailor your daily supplement routine to suit your specific needs.

Liquid Life CBD THC CBN Cannabis Oil, CBDa THCa CBNa

Liquid Life

Contains 200 mg THCa, 50 mg CBDa and 5 mg CBNa blended with our proprietary full-spectrum Cannabis oil. This is our nighttime formula and it's the best choice to reduce pain and manage insomnia. Try combining Liquid Life with Liquid Love (our daytime formula). Use Liquid Love in the morning and Liquid Life in the evening.

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Liquid Gold CBD / CBDa Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Liquid Gold

Contains 200 mg CBDa infused into our proprietary whole-plant Cannabis blend. This is our calming formula. It may provide relief from spasms, tremors, nausea, anxiety and inflammation. If you suffer from convulsions or seizures, Liquid Gold may improve the quality of your life by reducing the episodic frequency and duration.

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Liquid Love CBD THC CBN Cannabis Oil, CBDa THCa CBNa

Liquid Love

Contains 100 mg THCa, 100 mg CBDa and 2.5 mg CBNa infused into our proprietary full-spectrum Cannabis oil. This is our balanced daytime formula. If you aren't try to address a specific health issue, it's an ideal addition to any general supplement routine. Consider combining Liquid Love with Liquid Life (our nighttime formula). Start your day with Liquid Love, then end your day with Liquid Life.

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The Healing Power of Cannabis

Cannabis produces more than 500 phytochemicals comprised of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Phenols. Researchers now agree, full-spectrum plant blends that include the full array of Cannabis Phytochemicals, provide the greatest medicinal value. Learn more about the significance of our full-spectrum Cannabis mixtures and consider the following list of medical conditions. Cannabis-based therapies have been proven to treat associated symptoms or outright cure these ailments.

See more details about "The Healing Power of Cannabis."

Use Cannabis CBD THC and Other Cannabinoids for these Ailments


 At Liquid Life British Columbia, we offer a variety of well proven Cannabis supplements that help people and pets live better lives.

Shane was in a bad car crash. He has endured pain, anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks and insomnia. Now Shane uses Liquid Life and he wrote:

"I just tried your painkiller & It is a night and day difference with my pain & im finally feeling calm enough to relax I had my first nap in 6 months. IM BEYOND PLEASED!"

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Helena gives Liquid Gold to her dog and she wrote:

"My pups gets the Gold for anxiety, IBD and anti-inflamatory. She [Lucy] loves it!"

Kim also gives Liquid Gold to her dog and she wrote:

"Hi liquid life...Thanks so much for your product. It has reduced my puppies seizures from 2-3 hours to 15 minutes. I want to order 4 more bottles."

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Helena & Kim

Richard suffers from morning back pain and various athletic injuries. He combines Liquid Love  with Liquid Life  and he wrote:

"The way I use your CBD oils:
1) Every morning, I use Liquid Love as a general supplement. 2) In the eve, I use Liquid Life to get max pain relief and help with sleep. I strongly recommend your products for active/athletic humans!"

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