CBD Oil: Dosage Explained

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Full-Spectrum Means ‘Less is More’
Studies continue to validate Cannabis as a treatment for both serious diseases and common maladies. As the list of medical applications expands, researchers consistently find that full-spectrum Cannabis mixtures are more effective than isolated extracts. This cannot be overemphasized. Cannabis mixtures based on a limited phytochemical profile are called isolates. They aren’t full-spectrum and they don’t function as effectively as full-spectrum oils. For example, one study found THCa to be 10 times more potent when combined with the full array of Cannabis phytochemicals. This enhanced utility is precisely the advantage that Liquid Life offers.

All Liquid Life products contain elevated levels of specific cannabinoids that are infused into a full-spectrum blend. The resulting effectiveness allows participants to reap beneficial  therapeutic outcomes at a relatively low dose. This is critical, because when compared to high-dose regimens, greater benefits tend to be observed in low-dose studies. In fact, some high-does therapies may actually produce adverse reactions. In contrast, our low-dose Cannabis tinctures allow participants to literally experience a 'less is more' result without the complications associated with high-dose protocols.

As Doctor Bonni Goldstein states, “Many of my patients using low doses for pain, mood, and sleep find that low doses give the effects they are looking for and over time, due to the enhancement of their endocannabinoid system, they find that they don’t need as much phytocannabinoids to achieve the desired effects.”

High and Low Dose Comparison
The difference between high and low is significant. For example, studies demonstrate promising results from full-spectrum formulas at a dosing range of only 0.05 to 9.0 mg/kg/d. Whereas, CBD isolates require a broader and higher range of 5.0 to 50 mg/kg/d. And, the minimum effective dosage of CBD isolates appears to be 100 times greater! So when compared to isolates, Liquid Life Cannabis tinctures offer several advantages:

  • Greater potency.
  • Better health outcomes.
  • Reduced complications.
  • And, more cost-effective.

Liquid Life Tincture Breakdown
Consider our CBDa-dominant Liquid Gold. At 20 drops per day, a 150 lb/68 kg participant would consume about 0.235 mg/kg/d of CBDa. This is significant, because 0.235 mg/kg/d is 21 times lower than typical CBD isolate recommendations. See the following for a full breakdown of elevated cannabinoids within our tinctures.

Elevated Cannabinoids Within Liquid Life Full-Spectrum Cannabis Tinctures
(@ 20 drops, milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day)

Liquid Life Cannabis CBD Tincture Ingredients

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Standard Application
As a general health supplement, we suggest Liquid Life tincture consumption that reflects your body stature. Gradually increase your intake to a personal target of 1 drop per 10 lb/4.5 kg of body weight per day. Start at 6 drops per day. Do this for 2 weeks, then increase to 8 drops per day. Again, try this for 2 weeks, then increase to 10 drops. Continue this process until you reach your target. For example, a 150 lb/72.6 kg participant’s dosing target is 15 drops per day. At 1 drop per 10 lb/4.5 kg, your consumption is at the low end of the effective range, but you should still experience tangible health benefits. Maintain your target dose for about a month, then decide if you require greater relief.

Advanced Applications
1) Although the “Standard Application” is a general supplement guide, you should still expect mitigation of mild to moderate ailments. However, if you want improved relief from a specific malady, you may need to increase your dosage. Employ the “Standard Application” protocol by gradually increasing consumption and maintaining the resulting application over time. Then, reassess as needed.

2) In addition to increasing your dosage, you may also consider combining different tinctures. For example, try using Liquid Love as your daytime supplement and Liquid Life as your nighttime relief. Liquid Love is balanced for your waking hours and Liquid Life will help you manage pain and insomnia in the evening.

3) Combining our Body Budder Cannabis balms with your tincture dosing regimen is yet another way of enhancing Cannabis therapy. If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint/muscle pain, etc, target affected tissues with our full-spectrum Cannabis balm to reduce spasms, inflammation and pain.

4) If you have a serious and lingering ailment, you may need to increase your tincture dosing and add the activated THC of FSO Plus (our version of Rick Simpson Oil AKA Phoenix Tears). When addressing an aggressive disease, physicians may suggest equally aggressive treatment. But do so with caution and consider the following pragmatic approach.

Doctor Dustin Sulak expresses measured prudence when using Cannabis to fight cancer, “In general, patients with greater resilience and who are closer to balance in their physiology are more likely to succeed with lower dosages, while patients who have been sicker for longer sometimes may require aggressive dosing to control the disease process, then are able to convert to low dosages later, after they too are closer to health and balance.”

Important: If you incorporate FSO Plus into your therapy, please see this video for guidance.

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