Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil is Superior to an Isolated Extract

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Words and image by @SuperFunker.

Cannabis produces more than 400 phytochemicals which are comprised of Cannabinoids (potentiate the Endocannabinoid System), Terpenes (plant scent/flavor) and Phenols (antioxidants). Researchers have determined that the medicinal value of these compounds is greatest when consumed as a whole-plant blend. In the same way whole fruits/vegetables provide greater nutrition than an individual bioactive compound, a full-spectrum Cannabis blend produces better health results than an isolated extract.

The full array of phytochemicals found in Cannabis, synergistically interact. This is referred to as the "entourage effect" which has several advantages.

  • A full-spectrum Cannabis tincture is significantly more effective than an isolated extract. For example, a recent analysis found that 71% of patients reported a reduction in seizure frequency when consuming CBD oil within a full-spectrum Cannabis mixture. In contrast, only 36% of patients reported similar improvements when using a CBD isolate.
  • A full-spectrum Cannabis tincture is more potent than an isolated extract, therefore a smaller amount of a full-spectrum treatment is required to achieve desirable therapeutic results. For example, clinical tests determined that the effective dosage of an isolated extract (27.1 mg/kg) needed to be more than four times greater than the effective dosage of a full-spectrum blend (6.1 mg/kg).
  • A full-spectrum Cannabis tincture is associated with fewer side effects. In contrast, isolated extracts tend to dramatically increase adverse reactions. For example, researchers determined that a purified CBD extract tripled the rate of both mild and severe side effects among seizure patients.

Ultimately, you can expect greater effectiveness, economy and safety from our full-spectrum Cannabis supplements.

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