The Healing Power of Cannabis

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Words and image by @SuperFunker.

Although you may not suffer from a chronic condition, you likely experience daily stressors which result in occasional anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, pain, etc. Regular use of CBD oil can help you and other relatively healthy humans alleviate these routine irritations, but what about those who suffer from serious ailments? Fortunately, the full array of Phytochemicals found in Cannabis (Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Phenols) are now well known to provide viable treatments and produce tangible healing results. So, if you or a loved-one must endure the challenges of a debilitating disease, a life-changing therapy may be found in Cannabis.

If you visit PubMed and search "medical cannabis," you'll find more than 7,000 results. Additionally, eHealth Magazine has compiled a list of links that explore various Cannabis interventions. The following is a catalog of the associated ailments that respond to Cannabis therapy.


Yes, cancer is among the above list. This is not speculation, researchers have definitively validated the medicinal value of THC in fighting cancer. A couple of decades ago, Cannabis treatment showed promise and now dozens of studies confirm the anti-cancer properties of Cannabis. Cannabis stops tumors from growing blood vessels; stops tumors from spreading into surrounding tissues; and shrinks tumors.

Again, if you visit PubMed and search "cannabis cancer," you'll find more than 700 results. Further, eHealth Magazine has compiled another list of links that explore the cancer-killing potential of Cannabis. The following is a catalog of the associated cancers that respond to Cannabis therapy.


Liquid Life British Columbia can offer a few real-life examples of successful Cannabis treatments. As derived from our Product Reviews, the following is a list of medical issues that our customers have addressed with our Cannabis tinctures and balms (Liquid Love, Liquid Life, Liquid Gold, Body Budder).


Critically, one of our clients suffers from cancer and has experienced life-giving results. Suzanne wrote, "I have to share my news. I saw my oncologist after my radiation therapy and he told me that I may live for 6 months. I went for blood tests and exrays. Went back to and he told me that I had a very aggressive cancer but he can’t believe that the cancer is not showing any growth. I have to go for a series of scans in the new year to see what is happening however he said I have a year. Hopefully he will increase the time next time. I am not on any treatment and have not had chemo treatment since April. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to liquid life. I believe that it’s saving my life."

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PubMed Search: "medical cannabis"

PubMed Search: "cannabis cancer"