Which Cannabis Oil is Best for You?

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Words and image by @SuperFunker.

Generally, all three of our Cannabis oils help balance and maintain your Endocannabinoid System. Associated receptors are found in many tissues which control numerous biological functions (sleep, appetite, mood, inflammation, pain, immune response and other protective processes). It's well known that Cannabis can directly influence these receptors and researchers now confirm that the broad array of Phytochemicals found in Cannabis can produce tangible healing results.

You can expect therapeutic benefits from all of our products, but you may be able to tailor your daily supplement routine to suit your specific needs.

  • Liquid Love (100 mg THCa, 100 mg CBDa, 2.5 mg CBNa) is a balanced therapeutic supplement you can add to your daily health regimen. If you aren't trying to address a specific medical condition, Liquid Love Cannabis oil is ideally suited to provide general health benefits. Teri says, "I have clients (seniors) using it for arthritis in the hands & knees, sleep aid & depression. They Are Raving about Swelling going down, Pain virtually Eliminated, Amazing Sleeps, & Optimistic!"
  • Liquid Life (200 mg THCa, 50 mg CBDa, 5 mg CBNa) may provide relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety and inflammation. If you need maximum relief from pain and insomnia, Liquid Life Cannabis oil is the best choice. Shane wrote, "I just received my order today and all I can say is thank you so much. I got in a very bad car accident a few months ago and have been in pain and suffering from panic attacks, flashbacks and anxiety to the point where I don’t sleep. I just tried your painkiller & It is a night and day difference with my pain & I'm finally feeling calm enough to relax I had my first nap in 6 months earlier. I'M BEYOND PLEASED!"
  • Liquid Gold (200 mg CBDa) may provide relief from spasms, nausea, anxiety and inflammation. If you suffer from seizures, Liquid Gold Cannabis oil may reduce the frequency and duration. Kim said, "Hi liquid life...Thanks so much for your product. It has reduced my puppies seizures from 2-3 hours to 15 minutes. I want to order 4 more bottles."

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